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September Is Organic Awareness Month

September is Australian Organic Awareness Month and a welcome opportunity to raise awareness of certified organic products across the country.

In Australia, the term ‘certified organic’ means the product or service has been independently verified by a certification agency as being organic. The campaign aims to spread the important values of certified organic and in particular the products wearing the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo. These values include non GMO, free to range, biodiversity friendly, sustainably fished, socially responsible, pasture fed, and of course grown free from harsh synthetic pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and with no added hormones. 

We at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods have proudly introduced a large range of certified organic items now available for purchase.
Browse through our certified organic products 

Organic Products

The Benefits of Certified Organic

  • You are doing your part for the environment. Certified organics benefits the environment – products are produced using environmentally-friendly, biodiversity friendly methods.
  • Certified organic food products contain more natural ingredients
  • Produce is grown without GMOs and made without nanotechnology
  • Buying Certified Organics supports certified organic farmers, manufacturers, retailers, businesses and over 5,000 certified operators in Australia.

Popular Organic Products

Be sure to keep an eye out for new organic products as we continue to add to this exciting range.

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