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Orthodox Easter is Just Around the Corner

Greek Easter egg cracking

As a Greek Australian, Easter for us is one of the biggest feast days of the year

If you’re anything like our family, we spend at least a week preparing. There’s always lamb or goat on the spit, and the main dishes of barbecued meat and souvlaki, lemon potatoes, salads and beautiful crusty bread. When preparing for Easter Sunday, we always include the three most important things…tsoureki (Greek Easter bread), koulourakia (cookies) and the red-dyed eggs.

We commonly get asked, why do we dye our eggs red?

The eggs represent life and the red dye represents the blood of Christ. On Easter Sunday it is tradition that each person chooses a blood-red egg and taps it against someone else’s. The eggs symbolise Christ’s tomb in this moment, and their cracking symbolises his Resurrection.

The last person holding an uncracked egg is said to enjoy good luck in the following year.

Fingers crossed, it’s you 😉

Let’s get cracking this Orthodox Easter and take a look at some of our favourite recipes that incorporate all of our available ingredients. 

Happy Baking and Kali Anastasi from our family at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods, to yours.

Greek Red Easter Eggs

Red Dye Easter Eggs



(Greek Easter Cookies)


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