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News Post: 3/12/2021

Christmas is Near

Don’t miss your free gift this Christmas.
What a year it has been for all! We want to thank you for your support throughout this past year by sending you a special tasty treat.

We will be closed on certain days over the holiday period. Please check out our delivery schedule for both our wholesale and retail sectors.

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News Post: 19/10/2021
Take a trip through Italy and Greece this month with some of the most flavoursome and world known products! Available now here at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods.

October Market report! 
What fruit and veg are in great supply and finishing up this month…

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News Post: 18/09/2021
Check out what’s new at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods!
September’s Market report! 
What fruit and veg are in great supply and finishing up this month…

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News Post: 18/08/2021
Check out what’s new at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods!
Also take a look at what fruit and veg is in good supply at the markets!

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News Post: 17/04/2021

If you’re anything like our family, we spend at least a week preparing. There’s always lamb or goat on the spit, and the main dishes of barbecued meat and souvlaki, lemon potatoes, salads and beautiful crusty bread. When preparing for Easter Sunday, we always include the three most important things…tsoureki (Greek Easter bread), koulourakia (cookies) 

Let’s get cracking this Orthodox Easter and take a look at some of our favourite recipes that incorporate all of our available ingredients. 

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News Post: 16/12/2020

A free gift to you this Christmas! Get your home delivery orders in before December 22 to receive your free gift.

Please also note our closing days over the Christmas and New Year period

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News Post: 15/10/2020

Epiros Cheese

The Epiros Cheese range is here in full force and we want to give you a sneak peak into our available variety

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News Post: 07/09/2020

September is Australian Organic Awareness Month and a welcome opportunity to raise awareness of certified organic products across the country.

In Australia, the term ‘certified organic’ means the product or service has been independently verified by a certification agency as being organic…

We at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods have proudly introduced a large range of certified organic items now available for purchase.
Browse through our certified organic products 

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News Post: 20/08/2020

A world of cheese delivered to your door.

At Mediterranean Wholesale Foods, we have now introduced a large selection of cheese suitable for your kitchen directly from our artisian cheesemakers.

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News Post: 25/06/2020

National Bacon Week is an initiative of the Australian Pork Industry to celebrate good Aussie Bacon. The annual event usually includes the Australian Bacon Awards to source the best rashers. We at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods Pty Ltd. have supplied our customers with some of the most popular bacon out! And it’s received your approval!

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News Post: 21/05/2020

OUR NEW SEASONAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLE BOXES ARE OUT NOW! We have a variety of 5 different fruit and vegetable boxes to suit your weekly shopping needs. All produce is selected fresh from Flemington Markets and delivered to your door, the very same day! [Read more…]