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August 21 Issue

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Whats new in Mediterranean Wholesale Foods
Bella Cerignola Mammoth Green Olives

Bella Cerignola Mammoth Green Olives

These delicious Bella Cerignola Mammoth oval shaped green olives are a southern Italy favourite!

The olive is hand-picked and then is brine-cured with a small amount of vinegar, creating a slightly sweet flavour. These large, crispy green olives have a meaty, nutty, yet sweet flavour. Perfect in antipasto, in your cocktail, or even as a hors d’oeuvre. A customer favourite!

Extra 9 Multivitamin Juice
Loux Orange Juice

Loux Juice

Our Loux Juices in Orange and ‘Extra 9’ Multivitamin have arrived straight from Greece and proven to be another customer favourite after our promotional launch last month. 

The feedback we have received about this juice is amazing! “A taste of Greece in a bottle” and we couldn’t agree more.

A true Greek classic, made from 100% natural Greek fruits that supply us with the valuable vitamins required to start our day off right. 

Tomahaws steaks

Black Onyx Tomahawk Steaks

Make no misteak, these certainly have to be one of the best steaks available!
Pure Angus MB 3+ Beef Tomahawk steaks are so juicy, buttery and tender. Black Onyx by Rangers Valley are known to perfectly prepare highly marbled, flavourful, juicy and tender pieces of beef.

Black Onyx is pure black Angus beef, impeccably bred, reared and nurtured to precise specifications to create exceptional products that have fast become known as some of the finest black Angus beef available.

Each Tomahawk piece of steak weighs approximately 1.7kg – 1.9kg. An on-the-bone Ribeye with most of the rib bone left intact – not to mention, it’s 30cm bone that makes this piece of meat a show stopper!
70% Dark Chocolate Drops

Certified Organic Dark Chocolate Drops

As we enter our 8th week of lockdown, we love how many families continue to bake their way through isolation. And what better way to do so with Chef’s Choice Certified Organic Couverture Dark Chocolate Drops. 

If you’re looking for a rich and creamy chocolate- these are for you! Dark 70% chocolate drops are perfect for additive free baking! Free from preservatives, additives and best of all certified organic!

Market Update for Mediterranean Wholesale Foods

Check out below for what fruit and veg is finishing up and hard to find for the month as well as what’s available in good supply at the markets!  

Mediterranean Wholesale Foods Market update
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