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October 21 Issue

Mediterranean Wholesale Foods News
Whats new in Mediterranean Wholesale Foods
Caputo Flour

Caputo Flour

One of the most favoured high quality flours in the world! Caputo is here and its exactly what you knead! 

Since 1924, the traditions of producing the highest quality flour have passed from father to son. Caputo source only the finest grains from around the world. They are big believers in the traditional art of milling and famously use a slow grinding process to produce their flour. This slow grinding method helps to preserve the natural flavours and aromas of the wheat itself – which is why it’s so delicious! 

Our available range now includes, Caputo Pasta Fresca & Gnocchi Flour for the perfect melt in your mouth pasta or gnocchi. This top quality flour is high in protein and guaranteed to help you achieve an elastic pasta dough.

For the best authentic Italian Pizza dough look no further, Caputo Cuoco Flour will do just the trick!  Light, with a perfect rising to satisfy the best maestri pizzaioli’s needs.

For the perfect bread and pasta, Caputo’s Semola Flour is the go to. It is milled several times to make it a fine grain. With its amber yellow colour, the balanced granulometria and the gluten elasticity, make the semola ideal for sprinkling and having the food gold and fragrant.

Gluten free? Caputo manufactures a superb Gluten Free Flour using a blend of potato and rice starch, soy flour, rice flour and sugar. This non-wheat flour functions similar to your average wheat flour, making it incredibly versatile and ideal for making pizza, cookies, cakes, muffins… whatever your Gluten Free heart desires!

If you are on the hunt for a reliable, versatile flour, then Caputo Classica Flour is what you need. It is an all-purpose 00 flour that maintains it’s delicious flavour after cooking.

Le Veneziane Pasta

Le Veneziane Pasta

In the heart of Veneto, Italy comes a truly special gluten free pasta unlike any other gluten free pasta you have ever tasted. Le Veneziane is Italy’s top selling 100% corn pasta. Le Veneziane is Gluten Free Pasta for everybody who wants to look and feel healthy!

Le Veneziane Pasta is produced using only the finest and top quality corn flour, ultimately the essential ingredient in producing beautiful and delicious gluten free pasta. Choose from your traditional Spaghetti or Rigatoni, both gluten free, low in fat & contains no cholesterol.

La Molisana Pasta

La Molisana Pasta

You are certainly in for a treat when you dive into the wonderfully rich texture and flavour La Molisana has to offer.  

All the way from Molise, Italy, La Molisana has been supplying Italian families and now the world with premium quality pasta since 1912. La Molisana is the pasta that impresses and everyone knows that! Every single packet of La Molisana pasta has a recipe on the pack designed to bring to life a true authentic Italian experience directly to your plate.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes including the famous La Molisana SpaghettiLinguineCannelloni, LasagneRigatoni and Penne. Just click each link to learn more about La Molisana’s fantastic range of delicious pasta.

La Pasta Di Camerino Bio

La Pasta Di Camerino

Just when we thought we had Italy’s finest pasta range covered, we were then introduced to La Pasta Di Camerino and wow! were we blown away!

We were so impressed with their organic range that we had to bring in their famous Spaghetti and Fussili pasta to our doors. This is 100% Italian made with spelt and the best national wheat from organic farming and 100% Italian organic eggs.

All the good of tradition can be tasted with lightness and simplicity thanks to a process that is attentive to innovation and new needs in the food sector. This is what La Pasta Di Camerino has precisely done in line with their organic spelt pasta. Rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibers, proteins and antioxidants, it is the perfect choice for those who want to indulge in a tasty dish, in full respect of well-being and health.

Le Conserve Della Nonna

Le Conserve Della Nonna Pasta Sauces

What better way to compliment an authentic style pasta with the flavour of Della Nonna Pasta sauces. Available in classic LampodoroOrganic LampodoroOrganic Tomato & Basil and Organic Arrabiata.

The secret to these delicious pasta sauces is in the perfectly ripe tomatoes. They are prepared within 24 hours of being picked. This guarantees product freshness and authenticity as the typical flavour of the tomato is well preserved. The tomatoes used to make the sauces are from Italian growers. The tomatoes used are a long, round variety which is particularly well adapted for sauces.

Organic and Free From Gluten, Milk, Soy, Nuts and Egg. A suitable sauce for everyone!

Epsa Soft Drinks

Epsa Soft Drinks

Greece’s most classic brand of drink is here!

It all started in Agria a small village close to Volos in 1924 where Epsa produced it’s first soft drink with high juice content and natural products. Today they are one of the most famous companies in Greece and awarded for its taste around the world. We love how their drinks come in quality old-school glass bottles which fit perfectly in the palm of one’s hand and evoke an earlier, more genteel era.

We at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods want to bring Epsa’s whole range of lightly carbonated drinks to you. Now available in 6 x 232ml bottles is Epsa’s original Lemonade/GazozaBlood OrangeLemonOrangeSour CherrySoda Water and Cola. Click on each link to learn more.

TSANOS - Traditional Greek Cookies and Breadsticks

A new line of traditional baked cookies and breadsticks are now available from Tsanos Bakery here at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods! 

Tsanos Bakery produces their products with 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil and uses 100% natural ingredients. There are no additives or preservatives and are sugar and egg free!

The history of Tsanos baker’s confectionery begins in 1933 when the great-grandfather Tsanos created the first koulouria (biscuits) of his own recipe. It started from a small bakery in Athens. The art, the secrets and the recipes were passed down from generation to generation, where in 1988 the little grandson Vangelis Tsanos decided to establish his own confectionery, the baker’s confectionery TSANOS.

Our Tsanos cookie variety ranges from original Moustokouloura (Grape Must), Mini MoustokoulouraApple & Cinnamon and biscuits with Olives . We also have 2 breadstick varieties including Sesame and Multiseed. Click each link to learn more about these delicious baked goods!

Market Update for Mediterranean Wholesale Foods

Check out what fruit and veg is finishing up and hard to find for the month as well as what’s available in good supply at the markets!  

Market Veg Report October
Market report October

We at Mediterranean Wholesale Foods strive to bring you top quality freshness. Whether you are in need of dry foods, pantry items, dairy or fruit and veg, our team of devoted hard-working employees will have them delivered to you in no time!

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